About Coffeeripples

Winner of best new product award at the prestigious New York Coffee Fest, Coffeeripples is a unique app which aims to personalize the user’s coffee experience around the world. The patented printing technology allows you to create inspiring images and messages on top of the foam layer of your coffee, and place orders for collection from your nearest machine.
Ripples helps to deliver daily smiles to customers by adding fun, personalized images to their beverage, generating an emotional response.

What was the idea?

With a rapid increase in coffee consumption – especially amongst younger Chinese consumers – and a constantly rising number of specialist coffee shops, Coffeeripples were looking to enter the diverse Chinese market. But they were facing a few hurdles! Although they offered their services in the foreign market, the app was very slow to load for Apple users in mainland China; for Android users, it was non-existent.
To overcome this barrier, Coffeeripples was seeking a proficient partner to team up with.

How Up2China helped

Up2China created a tailor-made solution – a mini-app for China’s most popular and widespread network, WeChat. This enabled customers to carry out all the app’s original functions without ever leaving the WeChat platform.

Whilst our ICP license support and server hosting service ensured full visibility and accessibility in mainland China, we also secured a prominent position for Cofferipples on the five most popular Chinese Android app stores, which started its new era in China.