About CuraLife

CuraLife is a global wellbeing company formed to support people in the fight against chronic illness through a range of homeopathic supplements. The current nutritional products are mainly targeted to patients with diabetes, asthma, hypertension and high cholesterol. CuraLife is happy to have helped thousands of patients worldwide.

What was the idea?

Adhering to the purpose of providing health products for their patients, the dedicated team of CuraLife combines the ancient India Ayurvedic medical principles and modern scientific achievements to produce reliable products. To relief Chinese patients who were suffering from these chronic illnesses and simultaneously raising the brand’s popularity in China, Curalife was in demand for an effective channel to approach Chinese customers.

How Up2China helped

Using our expertise and extensive network, Up2China developed a successful cross-border e-commerce solution to help CuraLife directly reach the Chinese consumer.

We started by building a fully localized e-commerce website with integrated payment options suitable for the Chinese market. Crucially, our ICP license support and server hosting ensured the website’s full visibility and fast loading speed in mainland China. Up2China also established a verified WeChat service account and a specially developed mini-app, which allows people suffering from diabetes digitally record their blood sugar levels and receive feedback.

The seamless integration of the mini-app and WeChat store allowed CuraLife to build a valuable customer database, which can be used to personalize both the buying process and content marketing strategy.

With a growing community of followers, CuraLife is proud to now be able to help their first Chinese customers.