About Danziger

Originally founded in Israel, Danziger is a company that specializes in the research and development of extraordinary flowers.

Their state-of-the-art greenhouses and partnerships throughout the world have transformed them into a leading provider of cut flowers, annuals and perennials.

What was the idea?

Offering their services to nurseries and growers around the world with a strong emphasis on America, Europe, Kenya and the middle east, Danziger was aiming to scale up its current operation in the rapidly growing floriculture industry in China.

With the goal to create an effective market entry strategy, establish an online presence and convert it into offline contacts to distribute their products, Danziger contacted Up2China.

How Up2China helped

We came up with a diverse and custom-tailored strategy to gain exposure in Danziger’s name. This started out with creating a WeChat and Weibo account. Pushing content at least once to twice a week on both accounts ensured a quick growth in followers.

The idea was to create a community of ambassadors that will spread Danziger’s word. Later in the progress, we also carried out a complete website localization to guarantee full and fast access to their website.

Trying to attract new customers and partners, Up2China engaged in a complex set of PR work. We contacted Chinese flower associates all over the country, reached out to our promotional network and placed Danziger’s content in various magazines, like the distinguished “China Flowers and Horticulture” magazine.

To take a further step into the B2B market, Danziger participated in two of the most important exhibitions in Beijing and Guangzhou, following U2C support. We coordinated their set-up and all design-related preparations with the company’s global marketing team on one hand and local suppliers on the other.

We also created a digital interactive activity to increase visitor’s engagement with the brand. Attendees could have their picture taken in front of a huge flower-wall we put together.The photo would then be sent to their WeChat account after following Danziger’s official account. For each of these expositions, we also took charge of generating press releases, invitation letters, etc.

As a result, Danziger gained many followers on social media and more than 250 business contacts from potential clients in this short time only, validating the importance of direct contact with distributors once more.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Danziger in China!