A Flagship Store in the Fastest-Growing E-commerce Platform-Douyin

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Being one of the pioneers on Douyin Cross-border channel, we built one of the most impressive case studies for International brands selling on the platform.

Why Douyin?

  • The platform’s GMV from live streaming has proliferated and has reached 1.4 Trillion CNY in 2022.
  • Douyin Live-streaming platform generated more sales than any other Live-streaming platform in China.
  • Douyin’s active user base is growing quickly and steadily. It is expected to exceed 800 million users by 2025.
  • With more than 300K brands, 1M stores, and over 3M active KOL, Douyin is a platform worth exploring.
  • It took only two years for Douyin to generate over 1 Trillion CNY. (compared to JD.com – 14 years, Taobao- 10 years, and Pindoudou- 4 years)
  • Dietary Supplement is the fastest growing category on Douyin, with a particular interest in skin-health-related products.


One of the largest dietary supplement brands entered the Chinese market five years ago via cross-border e-commerce. After establishing a solid presence and realizing the potential for further growth, they strategically decided to expand their sales channels. To achieve this, they have recently launched their own Douyin Store, a popular social media platform in China. This move allows them to tap into a vast user base and leverage the platform’s features to enhance sales and reach a wider audience.

What we did

By leveraging the platform’s strengths, we designed and implemented a product strategy tailored to its dynamics. One of our key tactics involved creating concise yet impactful videos featuring relevant content to effectively target our audience and amplify product promotion while expanding our brand’s reach. To maximize our impact, we established partnerships with hundreds of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOC), collaborating with them to conduct monthly live streams showcasing our products. Through these efforts, we successfully nurtured organic sales growth and significantly improved our sales profits. Additionally, leveraging our enhanced store ranking, we negotiated better contracts with the KOLs, further optimizing our marketing approach and overall performance.


Explosive sales growth within Six months

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