Adaptability Is Key

Chinese consumer expectations are frequently evolv-
ing, so business dynamism is essential more than ever before.

Reach Out Directly to the Chinese Consumer

Facilitate D2C (Direct to Consumer) in the largest e-commerce market

Selling to China

Bridging the gap between international brands and Chinese consumers

Marketing to China Was Never Easier

Selling to China with your A-Z partner


Our Report: The Year of the Dragon- Updates From the E-commerce Market

Redefining E-commerce Marketing Strategies in China

In the context of social commerce in China, Up2china redefines market entry strategies and empowers international brands to embrace the D2C (direct-to-consumer) approach. At our core, we provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions, specializing in branding in China. We embrace a philosophy of innovative thinking as we assist our partners in navigating the intricate landscape of social commerce and advertising in China, ensuring effective data management. Our goal is to facilitate the transmission of their WHY, HOW, & WHAT to the right audience through the most suitable channels within the realm of social media marketing in China.

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Enhancing Business in China: Our Company's Role

Our vision leads us to empower three essential capabilities:



We focus our resources on what we know best and recruit the finest team to keep up with market dynamics of marketing in China.



We believe in 100% clarity when advertising in China, with the highest level of communication and data accuracy to meet our partners' concerns and requirements



We acknowledge disrupting, stretching the boundaries, embracing failures, and more importantly, optimizing operations of your business in China

How We Do It

U2C group combines big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to build up the strategy and technology necessary to ascertain China-based growth. With Digate, our powerful intelligence & performance plat-
form, U2C group can offer a turnkey solution for Interna-
tional brands operating in China by using A-to-Z brand management and data analysis.
By leveraging Digate, brands can visualize, analyze and optimize their marketing performance from one central platform.

What We Do

With over ten years of experience, U2C group is an
award-winning trading partner (TP) that assists interna-
tional brands in tapping the potential of the booming Chi-
nese market through comprehensive e-commerce solu-
The group focuses on developing AI and ML enhancement stack while allowing more brands to sell directly to the
Chinese consumer. U2C group empowers International
brands and optimizes their strategies in a market space
that grows by double digits YoY.

Our Services for Growing Business in China

We bridge the gap between International brands and Chinese consumers using our three core capabilities for your business in China:




Management in China



Management in China



Management in China

Our Competitive Advantage For Your Business in China




Multi-Cultural Team


Tech Savvy


Domain Expertise


Retention Specialists


Unique Management Methodology

Meeting Our Team

Shlomi graduated from the Hebrew University, is an innovative entrepreneur who possess an excellent command of foreign languages…….

Dean possesses rich Internet project operating experience and has previously worked as a branch manager for the Chinese Academy…….


With rich managing experience, Sophie is one of the earliest member of the U2C team. She helped build the company structure and all…….

As a foreigner who lived in China for more than 8 years, he is able to create Cultural bridge and facilitate cooperation between multinational…….

Case Studies

Starting a new store from scratch

A well-established supplement brand from Europe with elementary brand awareness in China approached U2C with the interest of launching their Tmall Global Flagship Store. It’s no one’s surprise.

Switching Trading

Poor performance, unforgivable mistakes, and difficult collaboration, many reasons can motivate the decision to change TP. A new team to work on your project may be what you need to rejuvenate your business and start selling to China.

Building a CRM turnkey solution

An international brand was doing business in China through Daigou (oversea personal shopper) and wanted to harvest this opportunity directly. They opened their Tmall Global flagship store and now had to win over the existing customer base while conquering and retaining new ones.

Combining Flagship and Distributors

A cosmetic SME from the USA, with basic brand awareness and marketing in China, wanted to enter the market by setting up its flagship store while building a nationwide network of local distributors. Their product line is priced between 40~100 USD per unit, positioning their product on the upper end of their category.

Industry Expertise


Health & Wellness


Beauty & Personal Care

Kid's toys

Mom & Baby

Computer Table


Our Clients

Our Partners

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