An Introduction to U2C’s New and Innovative Express Model

China’s unique e-Commerce industry is not only the largest in the world, but is setting the precedent for online retail on a global scale. Characterized by innovative social business models, credible payment procedures, secure delivery processing along with exponential growth in online mobile purchases, a number of opportunities are available to companies looking to expand their business operations.

However, organizations need to be aware of the prevalent intricacies when formulating marketing strategies to penetrate China’s e-commerce industry, especially when compared to how differently it’s Western counterpart functions. To overcome these challenging obstacles and increase your brand’s presence, we have recently launched our new and innovative Express Model, designed to aid your company in directly reaching the Chinese consumer at a cost-effective price.

With modern global consumer patterns showing a higher level of demand for sharing economy services, as seen with the rapid growth of Uber and Airbnb, our Express model offers your company the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this efficient resource maximization concept. By using our own flagship web-store, which currently hosts a multitude of international brands, we will allow you to compete on some of the largest e-commerce platforms in China whilst complying within national regulations. We will handle all elements of online integration, which consists of digital product set up, translation, store maintenance and a monthly data analysis report to better improve performance.

Our web-store offers your company the chance to safely test the Chinese waters and takes away the financial and time-intensive burden of opening your own store. This method allows us to walk your company hand in hand through the complexities of the Chinese market and significantly reduce set up fees, maintenance costs and building store credibility. Our expert e-commerce personnel will be able to significantly boost your brands exposure and engagement whilst also handling all aspects of logistics, supply chain, search-engine optimization and customer management.

With over 600 million Chinese online shoppers, and 1.5 billion daily visits to Taobao and Tmall per day, the Express Model gives you the perfect chance to take your company to the next level and explore an unparalleled amount of opportunities in a diverse Chinese market hungry for high-value Western products.