Proficiency, Transparency, Adaptability

We empower those capabilities to help your brand grow in China.

Create Your Online Store From Scratch

Working with micro to mid-size brands and enabling D2C operation.

Build Your Loyalty Programs

Increase retention levels through our turnkey Smart CRM solution

Improving Your Business Figures

Explore new opportunities, improve ROAS and sales, replacing your trading partner within days to streamline your ROI

Proficiency, Transparency, Adaptability

We empower those capabilities to help your brand grow in China.

A-Z E-Commerce Management

As a certified five stars TP (Trading Partner), we position brands in the right China e-commerce market platform and facilitating D2C Infrastructure. We operate them effectively to achieve high retention rates and maximize Returns on ad spend.


Projected number of social network users 2022


international brands operating in China with a 25% YOY growth


Cross-border market cap. growth during the last five years

Define Your E-Commerce Approach

We will provide your company with a flexible array of e-Commerce strategies in China marketplace that best suit your needs, whether a B2B strategy aimed exclusively for distributors or our “B2CC” – Your Business directly to the Chinese Consumer.


Hassle Free Store Application

We will handle for you all steps of the store opening process on any Chinese e-commerce platform, guiding you through our transparent store launch process to fast-track your go-to-market strategy.

All-Inclusive Store Management Solution

Our team covers the full range of services required by high-end trading partners, from planning a comprehensive strategy to refining the product’s selling point, promotion and brand building, customer support and retention program, inventory management, and transparent budget monitoring. We don’t just manage your e-commerce store; we are your boots on the ground in the china e-commerce market.

Growth Hackers

An omnichannel marketing campaign to quickly build your local brand equity by precise audience targeting actions that connect with relevant customers at all steps of the customer journey. Social media guerrilla campaign to stay ahead of the competition in customers’ hearts employing high-quality content and top influencers’ endorsement. We focus on growing your brand not just by investing in media; we use our team to innovate and disrupt the industry. Our unique Machine learning clustering abilities allow us to find the right audience in China marketplace and send them the right message to increase engagement chances.

Dedicated Customer Support Experts

We manage all aspects of customer interactions, including refund and customer grievance management, with a dedicated team of professionals up to the industry’s latest standards and AI abilities to enhance a high response rate. They will maintain a high level of trust and satisfaction between your brand and the exigent Chinese consumers.

Product Management

We manage all your products with constant market monitoring, regular product display, promotion, design, and selling points optimization. We rigorously manage your inventory to assure that your online shelf is healthy while proactively managing the inventory validity period. Our technology allows us to predict your sales and prepare stock replenishment in advance to ensure you’re not out of stock.

Customer Retention Specialists

Retaining customers and maximizing their lifetime value is key to a long-term healthy business. It is even more true in the highly competitive Chinese market, where acquisition costs exceed market standards. We created a dedicated department of experts to devote themselves to a vital area of any business growth. Our skillful performance generated a high repurchase rate for many of our partners in different industries. Our team effort was honored with a place among the “Top 10 for customer growth hacking and Customer retention excellency” award in 2021.


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Let us show you how international brands use our platform to enter the Chinese market, optimize their marketing in China strategies, spend less on operations and make more sales in their business in China.

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