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The technologically innovative Chinese e-Commerce market offers your business a number of opportunities for expansion and development.
Creating Your Turnkey Solution

We transmit brands' WHY, HOW, and WHAT in the proper approach to the right audience in the most suitable channel.

E-commerce Management in China

As a certified five stars TP (Trading Partner), we position brands in the right platform and facilitate D2C infrastructure.

Brand Management in China

Ensure your existence on Chinese social media through key opinion leaders and engaging content

Data Management in China

Securing you're in control and making the right decision for your business.

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E-commerce Management in China

As a certified five-star TP (Trading Partner), we partner with suc-cessful brands to open online stores on Chinese marketplaces, operate them effectively, achieve high retention rates and maxi-mize Returns on ad spend.

China’s e-tailing market is more significant than America’s and Europe’s combined
international brands operating in China with a 25% YOY growth
Cross-border market cap. growth during the last five years

Brand Management in China

Our tailor-made solution will help create your Chinese identity, increase brand awareness by positioning your brand on various social media platforms and gain consumers’ trust.
Projected number of social network users 2022
Estimated penetration rate of social networks 2022
Time spent on social media every day
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Data Management in China

Up2china combines big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to build up the strategy and technology necessary to ascertain China-based growth. With Digate, our powerful intelligence & performance platform, we can offer a turnkey A-Z data management solution for International brands operating in China.

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Let us show you how international brands use our platform to enter the Chinese market, optimize their marketing in China strategies, spend less on operations and make more sales in their business in China.

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