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Increased customer loyalty, higher lifetime value, and superior retention rates 

A Customized WeChat MiniApp combines a loyalty program and membership club, providing brands with a powerful tool to interact with and manage their customers. By harnessing the capabilities of WeChat MiniApp and cutting-edge technology, this solution enables brands to effectively identify and engage with their high-value customers. It offers an automated yet personalized experience, enhancing the brand’s overall performance.

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A brand with several flagship stores on different platforms had a relatively low lifetime value and retention rate, although a significant customer base. The brand focused on increasing customer engagement and loyalty by building brand awareness and improving customer experiences.


Using Our SCRM Solution

Our platform allows brands to consolidate their customers from multiple platforms into one centralized private traffic pool. With the aid of proprietary AI technology, brands are able to identify valuable customers and provide them with personalized experiences. The Smart CRM system automates engagement processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness in reaching out to customers. Additionally, by leveraging the power of WeChat MiniApp, the brand enhance customer engagement through this widely popular social media platform. Through our SCRM, the brand track and analyze customer behavior, which in turn provides valuable insights for enhancing the overall customer experience. Our aim is to foster stronger customer engagement and loyalty while gaining a deeper understanding of customers’ needs and behaviors.

After One Year

The brand saw substantial improvements in customer engagement and loyalty. These improvements were marked by a 25% increase in retention and the result of personalized campaigns that enhanced the customer experience.


Additionally, the lifetime value of its customers increased by 20% as a result of an increase in customer spending. The use of the SCRM also helped the company boost brand recognition and reputation, which further added to the overall success of the company.


Another substantial benefit was the savings achieved through the automation and optimization engagement processes, which streamlined operations and reduced costs.


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