Starting a new store from scratch

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May 13, 2022

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A well-established supplement brand from Europe with elementary brand awareness in China approached U2C with the interest of launching their Tmall Global Flagship Store. It’s no one’s surprise. Launching in China is challenging and complex, especially if you are just starting to do business here. How to design a relevant go-to-market strategy? Who is your target audience, and where can you reach them? How to allocate your marketing budget between the different channels, and why? Those are only a few critical questions you will need to answer early in the process. That’s why experienced Trading partners (TP) like U2c are valuable to your business ambition.

What we did

By studying thoroughly the brand’s identity and strengths, we discovered great potential in targeting Z-gen and young families. With a price tag of 10-20 USD per unit, we could support a premium international feeling and a cost-effective price. We selected the best products relevant to our primary target audiences, and tailored our communication strategy to maximize engagement in multiple channels.

Our influencer marketing strategy generated significant sales and growth, bringing a large customer pool within a few months. We reached an ROI above 20 during a single live-streaming session in the first six months. Having accumulated a solid customer base, we quickly invested our effort in building customer retention campaigns and membership programs. Using our Big data Analytics capabilities, we conscientiously segmented our customers for more refined targeting and content personalization. Our efforts led to a high retention rate, and Tmall awarded the brand a customer retention excellence prize in the second year.

We outperformed the First-year sales projections every month, brand equity and customer trust increased steadily. For the second year of operation, we agreed to aim for a sales target increase of 500%!

After one year

Following the strong performance in the first year of the launch, the brand was invited by Alibaba to sign a strategic partnership, bringing significant market traction and recognition in the market. Few products are steadily ranking among the top 3 of their categories in sales volume every month. The brand received several awards for growth and sales excellence, becoming a typical success story used by Alibaba in their communication.

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