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Established in 2012, the beauty brand specializes in skincare and makeup products. Over the years, it has expanded its product line, offering innovative and high-quality beauty products. The brand has gained a strong reputation for using natural and organic ingredients in its country of origin.


The brand aimed to broaden its customer base in China and establish a presence in the market. To test the waters of the Chinese market, the brand adopted a multi-faceted approach, entering multi-brand stores on Tmall Global and Douyin (TikTok) while implementing an offline-to-online (O2O) strategy.


To reach Chinese consumers, the beauty brand partnered with two multi-brand stores. The first partnership was with a well-established and traditional channel, Tmall Global, while the second was with Douyin, a popular emerging platform. This allowed the brand’s products to be made available to Chinese consumers.

An O2O approach was also launched, enabling customers to purchase products online after experiencing them in physical stores. Social media marketing and influencer collaborations were leveraged to create excitement and generate interest in the brand’s offerings.


(Holistic Solution – Our Core Cycle)


Tmall Global served as the platform for a more conventional e-commerce approach, focusing on driving traffic through traditional performance marketing. Simultaneously, the brand implemented the O2O strategy, seamlessly transitioning customers from offline to online purchases.

Collaboration with multi-brand stores facilitated social media marketing and influencer partnerships to promote the brand and generate buzz effectively.

Key Insights and Benefits

Through its partnership with multi-brand stores on Tmall Global and Douyin, the beauty brand successfully expanded its customer base in China. Within just six months, it established a significant presence in the market.

Leveraging the customer base of the multi-brand stores enabled the brand to reach new customers and increase its visibility.

The O2O approach bridged the gap between online and offline shopping, providing customers with a convenient and personalized shopping experience.

Social media marketing and influencer partnerships created a buzz, increased visibility, and drove sales.

This strategy effectively validated the Chinese market with a fast and low-risk cooperation model. Furthermore, as a testament to its success, the brand eventually opened its flagship store to solidify its prominent position in the Chinese market.

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